Base training

Base training

Training Manicure – basic, 40 training hours


The priority of our base course in Manicure teachers (trainers) is with positive, friendly methods and nice work environment to help the future specialists to gain the basic knowledge and skills for the profession of the manicurist. The curriculum is focused on:


  1. Health and safety during the work process.
  2. Structure and functions of the skin.
  3. Nail diseases.
  4. Manicure instruments and supplies.


  1. To complete a professional manicure procedure in the salon.
  2. To apply nourishing and other procedures to keep in good condition the hands and the nails.
  3. Manicure treatments.
  4. To polish and decorate.
  5. To work with the system GELacquer of SNB Professional.

In the beginning of the training course every student receives a work kit with the fundamental manicure instruments, which is included in the price of the training and becomes possession of the trainee. The kit contains:

  • Cuticle Nippers SNB – 1 pc
  • Cuticle Pusher – 1 pc
  • Sanding Block for natural nails with different grit – 2 pcs
  • File for natural nails – 1 pc
  • Polishing File – 1 pc
  • Brush for decorations – 1 pc
  • Work apron – 1 pc

Every learner receives a manual with work instructions, which can be used in the start of the practice or to refresh the knowledge. All the required materials and supplies are provided by “Star Nails – Bulgaria” for the useful and complete course. The company keep the right to change the number and the type of the work instruments and supplies, used during the training, and the content of the included work kit.

Number of training hours
  • 40