Welcome to our manicure and pedicure salons in Plovdiv and Sofia!

Fall in love with your manicure again - trust our nail technicians to take perfect care of your skin and nails. Treat yourself to a confident and light walk with our pedicure procedures. Our specialists are available for a consultation and are able to provide treatment for even the most severe conditions – ingrown nails, corns, calluses, fungal infections...

In our salon in Plovdiv we can also take your flawless hair style and colour to a whole new level.

How to make an appointment:

Plovdiv Sofia

Work time: Monday-Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 – nonstop

Book your appointment for our salon in Plovdiv, quickly and conveniently in advance, through the online system of Studio24.


Work time: Monday-Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 – nonstop

Currently online bookings for our salon in Sofia are unavailable. Please call us or visit our office to book an appointment!

We are expecting you! Welcome!

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