GELacquer SNB Flexy Base 15 ml

for professional use only

  • code: GLB10
  • VOLUME: 15 ML
Effect: A revolutionary self-leveling formula that is used as a base coat for GELACQUER SNB Professional. It adheres firmly to the nail surface and is not necessary to bind with Ultrabond. It can be used to create extra volume as well as slightly extend the nails. The coating is flawless, smooth and flexible. It imitates the elasticity of natural nails and lasts over 14 days. The flexy base does not break or detach under pressure or sudden impact. Recommended for soft, thin, brittle and bent nails, as well as for nails on which surface there are imperfections.
Application: The nail plate should be buffed and cleaned with an Active Nail Solution. Carefully apply one layer of base coat directly onto the natural nails. Because the Flexy Base is thicker, it can be used to hide larger bumps, and a slight volume can be formed in the stress area of the nail plate. A second layer of the base coat is applied to the already applied first layer. The hand turns its nails down. The hand is then quickly turned back and placed under standard UV light for 2 minutes or under UV LED light for 30 seconds. After curing a sticky layer is formed which does not need to be cleaned. The selected GELACQUER SNB Professional color is applied directly on it in two layers, followed by the preferred GELACQUER SNB Professional top coat.

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