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Repair Trio Packette Aloxxi
RRx Step 1 - Reparative Serum 485 ml
RRx Step 2 - Replenishing Cream 1 L
Reparative Conditioner 1 L
Reparative Conditioner 300 ml
Reparative Shampoo 1 L
Reparative Shampoo 300 ml
Reparative Treatment Masque 500 ml
CLEANSING OIL SHAMPOO Essential 7 oil  300 ml
Cleansing Shampoo ESSENTIAL 7 OIL 1 L
ESSENTIAL 7 OIL Leave-in Cream 200 ml
ESSENTIAL 7 OIL Restorative Serum 100 ml
ESSENTIAL 7 OIL Shine Mist 100 ml
ESSENTIAL 7 OIL Treatment Conditioner 1 L
Aloxxi VIOLET Shampoo 1 L
Clarifying Shampoo 1 L
Clarifying Shampoo 300 ml
Dry Shampoo 203 ml
Hydrating Shampoo 1 L
Hydrating Shampoo 300 ml
Hydrating Conditioner 1 L
Hydrating Conditioner 300 ml
Hydrating Conditioner 45 ml
Volumizing & Strengthening Shampoo 1 L
Volumizing & Strengthening Shampoo 300 ml
Volumizing & Strengthening Conditioner 1 L

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