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Earrings M104 CRYSTAL / APRIL white
Earrings M104 CRYSTAL / APRIL yellow
Earrings M1301 Mini Tiffany Pearl yellow
Earrings M200 BALL white
Earrings M200 BALL yellow
Earrings M203 AQUAMARINE / MARCH white
Earrings M203 AQUAMARINE / MARCH yellow
Earrings M203 CRYSTAL / APRIL white
Earrings M204 CRYSTAL / APRIL yellow
Earrings M213 DOZEN ASSORTED white
Earrings M213 DOZEN ASSORTED yellow
Earrings R100 Cubic Zirconia yellow
Earrings R1301 Tiffany Pearl yellow
Earrings R200 BALL white
Earrings R200 BALL yellow
Earrings R203 AQUAMARINE / MARCH white
Earrings R203 AQUAMARINE / MARCH yellow
Earrings R204 CRYSTAL / APRIL white
Earrings R204 CRYSTAL / APRIL yellow
Earrings R206 ALEXANDRITE / JUNE white
Earrings R206 ALEXANDRITE / JUNE yellow
Earrings R207 RUBY / JULY white
Earrings R207 RUBY / JULY yellow
Earrings R208 PERIDOT / AUGUST white
Earrings R208 PERIDOT / AUGUST yellow
Earrings R209 SAPPHIRE / SEPTEMBER white
Earrings R210 ROSE / OCTOBER white
Earrings R210 ROSE / OCTOBER yellow
Earrings R213 DOZEN ASSORTED white

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