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Емилия Динкова и Виктория Узунян Founded in 1993 by Emiliya Dinkova and Viktoria Uzunyan, "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. is a company driven by a passion for beauty and a commitment to quality. It holds the distinction of being the first to introduce nail extensions in Bulgaria, pioneering the widely recognized concept of "Nail plastic." During this period, the company has emerged as an undisputed market leader, playing a pivotal role in the professional development of many manicurists.

Сертификат за членство 2016 в БНАЕМПК As a longstanding member of the Bulgarian National Association of Essential Oils, Perfumery, and Cosmetics (BNAEOPC), "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. continually evolves its activities with a dedicated focus on providing the best to its clients. Numerous registered trademarks, including Star Nails®, SNB®, and others, serve as symbols of proven quality.

Timeline of Success:

20 години опит In the year 2000, the company initiated its own production, based in the city of Plovdiv. Over 90% of the ingredients used in the products are sourced from well-known European companies such as Henkel, BSF, and others.

In 2007, the company registered the trademark SNB® specifically for its in-house production items. Today, the SNB product range includes over 150 items and continues to grow. The rich assortment of SNB products encompasses categories like manicure products, pedicure products, nail care products, nail polishes, soluble gel polishes, professional UV gels, acrylic systems, and nail polish removers.

In 2007, the company established a licensed Training Center with license number 200712488 from NAPOO. As a licensed educational center, it provides professional training and qualification courses for the profession of "Manicurist-Pedicurist" (code 815030) and the specialty "Manicure, Pedicure, and Nail Plastic" (code 8150301), granting a second level of professional qualification. In 2009, the Training Center of "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. received an award in the category "Training Center with the Best Training Program" from the national competition Salon Arena Of Beauty.

"Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. effectively manages its branches in Sofia and Plovdiv, operating under its Professional Training Center. The training programs offer professional skills in manicure, pedicure, therapeutic pedicure, nail plastic, design, and instructional activities in these specialties. "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. supports professionalism and assists anyone drawn to the profession in learning, enhancing their skills, and getting their professional start.

награда 'Марка на годината' In 2014, the company significantly expanded its production capabilities and warehouse management. This optimization allowed a substantial increase in the brand's presence on a national and international scale.

From its start to the present day, SNB products continue to enjoy growing interest from customers. They are showcased at various international and national exhibitions, including InterCharm Moscow, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Beautyworld Japan, Arena Professional Sofia, "Arena of Beauty" Sofia, "Beauty Festival" Plovdiv, and others.

The company's trade activities are organized in collaboration with distributors in the country and abroad. The company's development is also associated with the successful gradual entry of the SNB brand into markets such as Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, and more. Partnership relations and professionalism ensure long-term successful business and stable partnerships, with new clients of the company being able to rely on fairness and a readiness to cooperate.

БДС EN ISO 9001:2015 "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. is a certified company according to BDS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. This guarantees continuous control and improvement of the quality of the offered assortments, provided services, and customer service.

The goals that "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd.achieves in its path of development include a high level of innovation, strictness, and uncompromising testing and clinical trials of products; the integration of modern technologies in production; a creative approach to developing new products; and maintaining a team of experienced and qualified specialists.The main production concept is to achieve first -class quality products using a large number of natural ingredients.

The team at "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd.defines its mission as follows: "To create beauty!"

Emiliya Dinkova and Viktoria Uzunyan share their thoughts on working in the beauty industry under the name of "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd.:

"I truly love my work and consider it a mission! The main goal of the company is to create “small joys’” for people by changing details of their appearance while taking care of their health. In our daily lives, we often ask ourselves: Do I look good? Will others approve us? Is it important how we present ourselves to society? We, at 'Star Nails,' will answer you simply: judge “the book” by its nails...' - Emiliya Dinkova, CEO of 'Star Nails - Bulgaria.'"

"Gathering ideas for developing new products brings me great pleasure! Satisfaction comes when I find out that our latest nail polish has become a hit for the season. The biggest challenge is creating products that are in line with the times, in tune with the latest trends in professional manicure and pedicure. We use our rich experience to create functional products and enjoy the recognition of our customers." - Viktoria Uzunyan, CEO of "Star Nails - Bulgaria."

"Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. is a proven company in the field of manicure, nail extension, and pedicure, both in its educational and production activities.

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